Thursday, 25 July 2013

New library for Node.js users

As of today, Node.js developers can use Insto with our extremely simple Node.js module, available via NPM.

Simply do:

npm install insto

and you are good to go!

More details at our Github page.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Insto and SSL

We are happy to announce that the Insto API is now SSL secured, providing a secure way for you to build your real-time enabled applications.

For you guys, the change is minimal - simply switch out any reference to to

We are currently working on a few new features for Insto, so keep an eye out for an announcement in the coming months

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Chat system video tutorial

We have put together a quick demo of how you could create a simple chat system in a matter of minutes with Insto. Check it out below:

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Use Websockets in your website


Insto is a real-time message broker created with Node.JS, designed to provide developers with everything they need to add real-time functionality to their websites in the simplest way possible.

This is achieved by using HTML5 Websockets to create a permanent bi-directional connection between client (typically a browser) and server. Data can then be sent and received by clients as and when required.

This is superior to using AJAX polling or long polling (i.e. sending many continual requests to check for updates) in many ways, but most importantly the difference in scalability is huge. Imagine having an online game that required all players to make a request every second to find out what the other players are doing? You could be making hundreds of expensive requests, for no reason at all.

With Websockets, data is sent and received only when it is required and can be 'pushed' to a user, so there is no need to do expensive polling, making your servers happier.

The problem is, Websockets are quite hard to implement. It is a relatively new technology, and as you might expect there are compatibility issues with some browsers (although it is getting better). Also, you need a server for your users to connect to which requires you to learn how to write a Websocket server. And a Websocket client for your application! And then again for your next application.

All of a sudden, Websockets are looking like a lot of work.

Worry no more...

This is where Insto can step in and help out. 

First of all, Insto is backwards compatible all the way down to IE 6. If your browser doesn't support Websockets yet then Insto will degrade gracefully to use variations of AJAX and long polling. This means that you don't need to worry about supporting all your users, we do it for you!

Also, we have written the server for you; we know it works and we know how to keep it working. Not only that, but we have a tried and tested Javascript library with full documentation - meaning that you just need to focus on making your application as awesome as possible and let us do the hard work.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Welcome to Insto

Insto is here!

Put simply, Insto is everything you need to add Websockets to your website. No infrastructure, no configuration, no fuss. Instead, we do all the heavy lifting to allow you to focus on creating your applications, without worrying about the logistics.

Our Javascript library and rest API allows you to:
  • create sophisticated chat applications
  • create real-time analytics packages for your applications
  • create multiplayer, in-browser games
  • integrate with other powerful APIs, such as the Twitter streaming API
  • create amazing UIs for your applications
This is just what we have thought off, and are certain that you guys can do better. So go and try for yourself!